6 Steps to Supercharge your socials

and we’re not talking about the Tinder hookups!

This is all about your social media marketing – how you are presenting your business in the online world, and how to do it better. Way better. Mega times better.


Time to go all in

Social media is a part of daily lives. You, me and billions of others – this is no joke, and it’s definitely not a fad.

According to the September 2019 stats from Social Media News >

   6 in 10 Australians use Facebook
   1 in 2 Australians use Facebook on a daily basis
   1 in 2 Australians use YouTube
   1 in 3 Australians use Instagram
   1 in 4 Australians use Snapchat

Half of Australia is right now scrolling through Facey, when we should probably be doing something else. I mean “they”, “they” should be doing something else. Ahem, so – if you haven’t already, then it’s high time to get serious about your socials.


6 Step to Supercharge your socials

Rebel Nation's inaugural social media conference will provide overarching strategic social marketing planning and guidance through a 6 step approach to take you from the basics to next level. This will be complemented by practical tips, tricks and solutions for the social channels that rank highly in regional areas for most businesses – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

step one

Strategy Sesh

We firstly need to identify what you want to get out of your social marketing efforts, who is your ideal target market and where are they hanging out, what do you want to let them know, and what do they want to hear from you.

Step 1 Takeaways

   Define your social media marketing goals + key metrics
   Identify your ideal target audience – in relation to social media demographics
   Outline the key messages specific to your social audience
   Find your brand voice + decide how you want to position yourself on social
   Choose which social platform/s you are going to kick butt on

step two

Profesh Profiles

In general, once you get your social profile set up properly – you don’t have to worry about it again unless something changes (eg adding a new page admin). While it’s not the most thrilling of activities to do, this once off review and update of your settings and profile copy means you have given your page, your business and your visitors every advantage possible.

Step 2 Takeaways

   Upgrade your profile copy for SEO – become as searchable as possible
   Optimise your profile settings – there’s a few hidden upgrades lurking in there
   Ensure your profile pic + covers are on point + to spec for all devices

step three

Power Plans

Planning out what to post for each month is so super easy for everyone, I don’t even know why we are covering it!! Ok, ok – this is often the part that people get tripped up on the most. If you’ve ever looked at your screen and asked yourself, “But what the hell do I actually post?!?!” – this step will put all those woes behind you.

Step 3 Takeaways

   Set up an overarching social strategy that anyone can understand + follow
   Plan out your content for any month on every platform
   Never get stuck for content ideas again
   Leverage social algorithms to help your content get seen

step four

Content Creation

The next easiest thing is actually creating all that content! Ha jokes, we know that this aspect can also be a “too-hard-basket-make-it-all-go-away” part of social marketing for many people. It honestly doesn’t have to be – so in this session we’ll knuckle down on bringing your content plan to life, and making your marketing efforts a little easier for you at the same time.

Step 4 Takeaways

   Collect material to make your content genuine, unique + on brand
   Create a variety of content types quickly + easily
   Repurpose the crap out of your content so you’re not always creating
   Batch tasks to be as productive as possible with your time

step five

Metrics Matter

It’s really interesting how often people think they are absolutely sucking at social, when they’re actually doing pretty damn well. Let analytics and benchmarking become your friends, so you can accurately gauge whether you are hitting those social goals you set – and making a difference for your business.

Step 5 Takeaways

   Read inbuilt analytics + track against your goals
   Set up industry benchmarks + easily see what else works for others
   Use your profile’s unique data to improve your performance

step six

Next Level

This is the sweet, sweet cherry on top of the social cake – all of the fun, big, and sometimes scary stuff that will make your social media marketing absolutely ROCK! This session is all about targeted lead generation – not just looking good online, but actually bringing potential customers to your business. Mmmmm tasty!

Step 6 Takeaways

   Market test concepts, content + more quickly + cost effectively
   Get to the top of people’s newsfeeds + into their notifications
   Create targeted, high performing, strategic digital ads to drive conversions
   Enter the amazing world of remarketing to instantly access your low hanging fruit

bonus round

On top of a full day with Rebel Nation’s Director Jade McAuley (or to make up for it…), you’ll also receive:

Facebook Pixel setup cheat sheet

If you don’t already know what this is for, be prepared to love the HECK out of us

Pacific Time Zone convertor guide

Make Facebook’s stupid decision to make all the times relevant to the US a lot easier to handle!

Content calendar template

The very one we use, including a bunch of key dates relevant to the Mackay region

Presentation slide deck

All of our presentation notes, at your disposal

And a few other things that we’re secretly putting together (muahahaha)


All the deets

when   9am-4pm Tuesday, 29 October 2019

where   Split Spaces, Building 4, Level 2, 92 Sydney St, Mackay

cost   $297pp incl GST

includes   Morning tea, lunch and a hell of a good time

Email us using the above button, and we’ll send you out a tax-deductible invoice

heads up

These are the things you will need to bring with you on the day. This is non-negotiable. Without this stuff – you are wasting your time and money, for real:

Laptop – if you want to bring your iPad, tablet, mobile or whatever instead, then you will only be able to do half of the practical steps. And nope, opening the Facebook website on your iPad is not the same – it still only shows you the mobile version, not the desktop version which has all of the settings.

Admin access to your profiles – we will not be setting up profiles from scratch, so please don’t expect to be able to have time to set one up on the day (we have WAY too much to get through). You also need access to your business’ profile/s >

o   For Facebook –Your personal Facebook profile needs to be an Admin on the business page (note – Editors and below cannot access all of the settings).

o   For Instagram – Login email/username and password.

o   For LinkedIn – Your personal LinkedIn profile needs to be an Admin on the business page.