3 tips to get you workwear ready

From Jason Chetcuti

Dressing smart and looking great for work can often be a challenge, particularly when you live in the tropics. There are a few easy steps in order to get your corporate wardrobe looking sharp.

Step 1 – Consider your workplace. Do you need to have complimentary colours to your interior? If so, the colour you select must also compliment the employees. When selecting or having uniforms designed, charcoal and colours which are not quite as strong as black are proving popular in the workplace today. In saying that, black can give a sharp and sophisticated look – with the right approach.

Step 2 – It’s all about material, girl. Often we like using poly cottons and polyesters for our blouses, which eliminates too much ironing. We also like to use poly wool gabardine for our co-ordinates, a lightweight fabric which gives a comfortable and tailored draped finish.

Step 3 – Build on the basics. A corporate wardrobe for women generally consists of a tailored blouse, classic skirt, long trousers and a dress, all of which are interchangeable. The key to looking good at work is a combination of good design quality and a dash of creativity. Buy or have quality uniforms made, and consider changing a blouse colour or print to re-inject creativity and add “newness” to your wardrobe. My suggestion is to add some colour and individuality to your workwear wardrobe by coordinating scarfs. They can be used in a multitude of ways and add a pop of colour and/or pattern to your basics.

For the guys, looking good at work also means making an investment in good quality, Be particular with pressing your clothes and make sure to maintain your shoes so they look sharp. Be careful with details, including having your tie touch the centre of your belt. Have fun if you are able to wear cuff links. My tip is to steer clear of comical ties which are too retro in design or over the top bold, as first impressions count!