Here's cheers to Mackay!

A group of local residents recently came together to experience and blind taste test beer from our very own Mackay brewery ‘Goanna Brewing’ to determine the recipe for a soon-to-be released Mackay Lager.

The task set for the 45 mates was to blind test Original Great Northern versus Goanna Brewing’s Mackay Lager to distinguish the differences between the national beer and the locally brewed version.

Goanna Brewing owner, Linda Palmer said that that an overwhelming majority (92%) preferred the Mackay Lager.

“We were blown away by the results from the blind testing. Initially we expected that Great Northern would be recognised straight away. However, over half of everyone chose our version as the original,” she said.

With plans underway to now develop the branding and direction for the Mackay Lager, there was resounding support for the brew.

“Goanna Brewing is a beer hunters club. We allow our members to get involved in the brewing process in order to get the best tasting beer in Mackay. We are building a strong network of people who not only enjoy drinking beer but also want to take an active role in its creation and to share the experience with other like-minded people,” she said.

To find out more about Goanna Brewing visit, drop into the Brewery or follow the Facebook page to keep updated on the progress of Mackay Lager and other exciting things happening at Goanna Brewing.