Before you put that phone to your mouth…

From Sharmin Messer, Messers Commercial Cleaning
If you’re lucky enough to have one of those phone handsets with a million buttons (you have no clue of their functionality), then this tip is for you.

Handsets and mobile phones are one of the biggest carriers of bacteria in our office. More so than the toilet seat! They can often be used by multiple employees and are constantly in close contact to our mouths.
A clean and healthy environment is one we all want to work in. Cleaning our phones to remove bacteria is one simple and effective way to reduce the spread of germs (and sickness) amongst our teams.

How to:
1. Temporarily take out the connection cable from the back of your phone (or just hold down the line to prevent ringing out)
2. Grab a disinfectant wipe, whatever’s to hand
3. Use the wipe to thoroughly clean over the phone, keys and buttons (you’ll be surprised how dirty the wipe can be)
4. Ta-da clean, hygienic phone, no germs here for you today

How often:
Common bacteria can often live quite happily for up to three days so, of course, every few days is going to make the world of difference. However, if cleaning your phone is just not a priority in your busy day then aim for Monday mornings. When you sit down at your desk to start your working week, you can begin with a head start on those pesky bugs.

And don’t forget your mobile phone! Turns out they hold even more bacteria. Are we surprised? Our mobiles accompany us to the bathroom more often than our children.
Moisten a soft cloth with a little disinfectant and remember every once in a while (once weekly for the organised) to take your mobile out of its cover and give it a quick freshening up.