My 10 day Facebook challenge

From Jade McAuley, Rebel Marketing
When working on a client’s social media strategy, cool ideas for posts just seem to burst out of my brain onto the page. The moment I sit down to schedule some posts for my business though – it’s like every creative idea immediately evaporates.
So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. I’m going to nut out 10 days worth of Rebel posts, and schedule them in one hit. I’ve created the list below to help steer me through any potential creative blockages – and I invite you to do the same.
You don’t have to do them in order obviously, you can mix and match as you please.

1 > Answer a Q: Post an answer to a FAQ
There are no silly questions. But sometimes you do tend to get asked the same things over and over. What you may not have realised is that this is a content goldmine! Every time a client asks a question – there could be masses of other people wanting to know the same thing. Make a note of it and schedule in a post with your answer.

2 > Ask a Q: Post a question to your FB audience
Facebook can be super useful for market research, but it’s also interesting just to gauge your audience’s thoughts on a particular topic. Pick something you’ve been mulling over and get it up there.

3 > Product showcase: Post your favourite product or service
Put a part of your business in the spotlight and let your audience know why you find that product or service incredibly useful. You could even highlight some of the success a client has had with it by adding a link to a case study on your website.

4 > #ThrowbackThursday: Post a golden oldie
Jump on this retro photo trend by posting a pic of your business when you first started, the first place you were located or back where it all began – your first job.

5 > Howdy neighbour: Post a shout out to another local business
Whether it’s a supplier, strategic partner or the coffee shop you stop in at every morning – show them some love. And don’t forget to tag their Facebook page, or link to their website in the post too.

6 > Check that stat: Post a mind-blowing statistic or figure about your industry
No one knows your industry like you do. You may see amazing facts all the time through industry newsletters, publications etc – make use of that info. Your audience probably isn’t interested in a complete rundown of statistics. But if you pull out just one of those key figures and create a picture with it (using something like Canva) – you’ve got a post that’s informative and potentially shareable.

7 > Time to party: Post about a local event that you’re interested in
Attended something fun on the weekend, or is there an upcoming event in the region that’s caught your eye? Show your audience that you’re a part of the community by uploading your event pics or posting a link to something that’s just around the corner.

8 > Meet the client: Post an interesting intro for a recent client
Put a client that you’ve worked with in the limelight – highlight what they offer and what work you’ve done together. Once again – don’t forget to tag their page too!

9 > Website link: Post a link to a particular page on your website
A popular blog post, a recent news release or even just your services listing – post a link to a page on your website to attract some extra traffic.

10 > Trick and treat: Post a cool hint or tip related to your industry
As an expert in your field, you probably have heaps of cool tips and tricks that you’ve learnt over the years. Share one with your audience to demonstrate your knowledge base and genuine desire to help others out.

Remember to check your Facebook Insights at the end of the 10 days to see which types of posts attracted the most attention and engagement. Hopefully this will inspire even more ideas for the future!
I’m starting my 10 days from today (9 May) so if you want to see how I brought these ideas to life, jump onto my FB page > Feel free to let me know if you think I got it spot on or missed the mark.