Mackay radio survey 2016 results

From Karen Thompson, Bright Light Marketing
It has been 13 years since the last radio survey in Mackay! Prior to the survey, it was extremely difficult to determine which radio station offered the best value for money.
Below is a summary of the results:

Category “Most Listened to Station 10+”
1st    HOT FM 26.3%
2ndSea FM 18.9%
3rd   ABC Local 17.7%
4th   Star 101.9 (formerly Zinc) 12%
5th   Triple J 8%
6th   4MK 5.9%


  • HOT FM was the clear winner in the people under 40yrs demographic (43.8% share), and shows a slight female skew

  • Sea FM was #1 in the people 35-54yrs demographic (25.7% share), has a slight male skew

  • ABC Local was #1 for people 55+ overall

  • 4MK was #1 based on commercial share

How were the ratings derived?
The survey was conducted by telephone. Over 1,000 people were asked the same of questions to determine the results. The sample of people surveyed needed to meet the numbers required for all demographics.

When looking at advertising on radio, it is important to identify what type of customer are you targeting with your advertising campaign? What are you trying to achieve?
Use the information as a good guide. HOT FM clearly won the people 40+ demographic. Hence, if this is your target market, then HOT FM appears to be the best choice as a radio station to advertise on.
Advertising spot rate is also important. Especially in the 35-54yrs demographic. The share is a lot closer among Sea FM, HOT FM and Star 101.9. The cost efficiency needs to be taken into account.

If you are unsure how to determine the ratings to maximise advertising results, see an advertising agency. They will give you independent advice that is specific to your marketing needs.

Ratings Source: Xtra Research Mackay Survey 2016