Matchstick tips to bring a burning passion into your work

From Fallon Drewett, The Just Saying Project
Passion starts with one tiny flame, so what are you waiting for? It is time to light your fire and believe in who you are and what you are doing. How do you expect to create and build a business or indeed live the life you want if you are lacklustre in your own ideas and self-belief?
As a person first and evolving entrepreneur second, I have always held my values in high esteem. And what I have found is that passion and values go together; like vegemite and butter. You can’t have one without the other. How you do business and how you treat people are because of your values. And, from your values, passion grows. Having values to live by allows you to be honest with yourself and give your passion the best fighting chance to stay lit.

Here are a few of my matchstick tips to help set your passions on fire.

Passion is a warm fuzzy
Passion starts in our soul and follows to the beat of our hearts. Our passions are deeply personal; therefore, they are our responsibility. If you believe in your idea, project and business, you can’t wait around for someone with a match to light your fire. While it is wonderful to gain inspiration and ideas from those around you; in essence it is up to you to kindle your passions and bring them to a raging fervour.

We all have the fire inside of us to create and contribute. What I have found is sometimes we have thoughts that our passions are not enough to see our business grow and succeed but really it is the fuel to the fire. Without it, we could not achieve the other elements of our business. Passion is fuel for creation.

Shift your focus
Having trouble igniting the passion? Maybe it is time to redefine it. Shifting your focus acknowledges you are constantly evolving, and your ideas and the way you look at the world can change. So, as you are evolving, it is likely you might have to redefine your focus on what your passion now feels and looks like. There is nothing wrong with a new perspective or shifting the focus to bring a passion back from the ashes. Or cut your losses and throw a bucket of water over the spark of passions past. The beauty of our passions is that we have the power to melt them down and change their form.

Set new goals
A great way to light passion into your career and business is to sit down and list your top 5 goals. Taking time to be still with your thoughts and aspirations can do wonders for sifting through the smoke and finding those hidden amber gems. Clearing your mind of expectations, pressures and outside influences, is meditation for your passions, it allows them to become a focus, re-connect you with WHY you are on this career path and WHO you are and WHAT you want. The triple W’s are vital when answered with honesty and clarity. Goal setting is vital for starting your business fire.

Think happy thoughts
Another way to let passion back into your self- conscious is to imagine your future. This is the idea of projecting your goals and desires to take your business and life to the next level. As the author J.M. Barrie wrote in his classic novel Peter Pan “Think happy thoughts”. It is simple and effective. If you put positivity out into the universe and you start to visualise yourself as a successful person, there is a power in that. Before too long, you start to believe it is true. There can be no passion without belief in who you are and what you want to project to the world. Before you know it, things start to happen and your passion grows with intensity.

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke
When we are outside our comfort zone, that is where truly remarkable things start to happen. Being too comfortable can lead us down the same boring and mundane path. Choosing comfort doesn’t allow us to grow or stimulate our creativity – it stops it. You have to step outside and feel uncomfortable when it comes to something you are passionate about. What you find once you are standing out there in the wilderness with no sticks to rub together, that is when you start to think outside the box. You find another way to start a fire within you. Ironically, being uncomfortable leads you back to a comfortable place, a place where you feel invigorated about your passions.

Community bonfire
My passion lies with knowing I am helping others in the community feel happy and confident about themselves. When you start to feel your passion for business and life is fleeting, honestly the best way to regain it is to give back to the community. Start a massive passionate bonfire in the community. Spread the warmth and humility that comes with community engagement and spirit. Starting a project that is for the greater good of humankind is a no brainer. Not only does it start to infect your passion, it spreads to others and there is this great heartfelt circle of gratitude and inspiration in the community. So start thinking – what else can I do that will benefit the community? How can I contribute my passion to help those who need it? Believe it when I say your passion will be on fire.