Directors' Circle: Phil Marshman, Pioneer Podiatry

Who knew someone in the health industry could be so delightfully quirky? Seriously – you should have seen the other two headshots he sent me! Phil Marshman from Pioneer Podiatry is a man of big dreams and many talents – definitely a local business owner on the move.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I seriously think they forgot to ask me that question! I DO remember being told not to do anything that required interacting with people. Some people give terrible advice!

What’s your favourite part about being a business owner?
Being able to break the rules! Having the freedom to design my business around the kind of life I want to live, for myself, my wife and kids, and for the values I believe in.

What do you consider the key to success?
The generosity of others.

How do you stay motivated when challenges arise?
I lose motivation when I forget my "why?". Passion is a direct result of purpose.

How do you generate new ideas for the business?
I believe that inspiration is a result of the places you hang around and the people you let into your circle of influence. "New" ideas in my industry are usually doing the same thing with a different slant. I love getting customer service and marketing ideas from totally non-health related industries!

What are your non-work habits that help with your life-work balance?
First step is to kill off the limiting beliefs that try to wreck your life/family/relationships etc. If you believe you need to work 6.5 days per week to survive, guess what? You will. I decided 8 years ago that I would work 3 days per week, never weekends, and never after hours. And guess what? I haven't. Despite this being the norm for my industry. Kinda killed that one.

Give a shout out to three local businesses, and tell us why.

  • Woodman’s Axe: Great coffee, and a cool spot to hang out and feel inspired. And great mentors for our own café in Sarina, Third Ground Coffee House.

  • My local medical and health colleagues in Mackay: Don't want to name favourites, but hey, you know who you are! We have some amazing Doctors, Physios and other health professionals in this town.

  • Have a Dig Nursery, Sarina: Lynette has a gift for finding, growing, and sharing with the community her local, adapted and productive nursery plants and food stock. If that excites you, you'll find her at the local food swap day on the first and third Saturdays of the month at 8am at Third Ground Coffee House Sarina.