What could an app do for your business?

From Abi Karthik, Ganecon IT Services

Have you ever thought how much time and attention mobile phones take from our lives? If we think a bit more, it’s not those phones but the apps – the small bit of code running in your phone – which keeps us glued to the screen.

Alas – these apps were not around 6 years back. That’s when my bestie moved to US and I could afford to call her only once a week! If only apps like WhatsApp or Viber were around then, I probably would have been talking over the phone all day!! It is amazing how apps have gained prominence in just half a decade. I remember how excited I was when I did my website 17 year back. Now, a website for a business has become its business card. Not far away are the days when apps will take over the place. Be it a boon or bane for individuals, for businesses – apps are a big boon.

What other way can we get the attention of customers through just a single touch? It is not just in marketing and retail, apps are rooted in almost all domains. For example, some mechanical companies use apps to calculate the maximum capacity of belt conveyors, which not only improves productivity but also ensures safety. Doctors use mobile apps extensively to assist in diagnosis and clinical procedure. And there are also the overnight millionaires, whose app ideas became a huge hit without any big investment. Such is the global reach of an app.

For your business, an app could:

  • Improve customer engagement

  • Increases internal productivity

  • Act as a great marketing tool

  • Provide global reach

  • Give ease of use/access to your business

It’s time to think DIGITAL and get your dreams MOBILE!!!