Council seeking business input in community strategy

The last five years has seen our region transformed.
While it’s the economic adjustment that usually gains headlines, closer to home our communities have also undergone changes.
With this in mind, council is developing a new Community Development Strategy to look at the needs and aspirations of people in our communities.
As part of this process, Mackay Regional Council want to help build better partnerships between local businesses, community organisations and council to maximise our potential as a community and share the considerable skills we all have. This might include encouraging organisations to come together to develop solutions to key issues, or making use of existing facilities to create a greater range of programs or opportunities for specific members of our communities.

  • Business benefits when there is a strong and vibrant community, which provides for a happy and healthy workforce and residents who are more willing and able to spend and engage with local business.

  • You know your customers, your workforce and your place of business better than anyone. Council want to tap into this knowledge to help sustain our economic growth and create opportunities for people in our community to better connect and thrive.

  • This is an opportunity to help build connections between service providers, community organisations, local industries and government so that we can work together in the region to sustain community growth and make sure people are looked after.

Once council understands the issues our communities are facing, they will be in a better position to implement strategies to assist in addressing them.

To give your feedback on council’s Community Development Strategy, visit

Further discussions with community leaders and other key stakeholders, services and businesses will follow the initial consultation period in March and April.
Release of the Community Development Strategy for public review and feedback is scheduled for mid-2017.