Mackay continues to develop and deliver the goods in the startup space

Australia’s first app designed to disrupt the home ownership journey is set to explode this year, with its upcoming launch adding unexpected value to the real estate industry.
Launching soon, the digital disruptor ‘Brixn’ is being introduced to the Queensland market to help ease the process for new homeowners entering the market.
Brixn founders, Zac and Alisha Goodman, said that they were beyond excited to be providing a support system for others and wished that there had been something like Brixn on the market during their first purchase.
“Buying your first home can be quite confusing, especially with the number of different people that you need to speak to and with the technical terms that are thrown around, we found it overwhelming – which is what lead us to creating Brixn.
“We understand and can relate to others in the same situation we were in and we want to change the process to make it more simplified and user-friendly so that is an enjoyable experience the whole way through,” he said.
With plans to gradually launch on a national level, Brixn connects people with experienced service providers, including brokers, building and pest, and conveyances etc that are relevant to your specific location or situation.
“We want to create a safe and trusted environment for our home owners to feel guided, understood and engaged with the highest quality providers without compromise”, he said.
With a range of functions, including timeline and countdown abilities, Brixn provides an easy to understand support system that guides people through the process.
“Brixn is here to support the visionaries, push the motivated and guide those who are creating their own story. It has been created to provide Australians with the information to understand the process, ask questions and feel in control the whole way through.
“Brixn is like a mate that is always there to support you whenever you’re in need,” he said.
For more information visit or the Facebook page.