Directors' Circle: Tamica Lewis, Tempus Design Studio

Beautiful design has the ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary – which is exactly what Tamica Lewis from Tempus Design Studio does for buildings. From your dream home to your dream office and everything in between, Tamica is the woman for the job!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

My strong points during school were always art and maths, which is a bit of an unusual combo. Initially I wanted to study architecture however, as I was known as predominantly an arts student, I was discouraged by the ‘evil’ Vice Principal. I should never have listened to her, you live and learn. So, I pursued an Arts degree and I eventually found my way back to architecture as a mature age student and studied a Bachelor of Building Design through CQ University.

What was the biggest surprise for you about starting a new business?

Just how quickly my business would grow! I believed it would take a good 12 months plus to get into the market. It happened in about six months, what a ride.

What’s your favourite part about being a business owner?

I get a lot out of seeing my staff grow and develop as designers. I also get a kick out of seeing client’s expectations being surpassed.

What happens in a typical day for you?

About a million and one things to be honest. These days I do far more staff and business management then design, however, when I do get my quiet time to do conceptual design I really enjoy getting in the zone!

What do you consider the key to success?

Definitely the fact that we offer a completely different ‘style’ of service to others in the industry, and we always deliver!

How do you achieve life-work balance?

I have recently challenged myself to take time off work, during the workweek – gasp! I also find yoga a great tool for settling my million mile an hour brain.

Give a shout out to three local businesses, and tell us why.

CQESS (Central Queensland Engineering and Surveying Services), Ben Tancred – always delivers us prompt, accurate and great quality survey plans, and he’s just a real nice bloke.

Roebuck Designer Homes Pty Ltd, Bede Roebuck – has built many of our projects and always builds them as per plan, which makes us designers happy.

Healthy Stuff and Junk – love her healthy foods and snacks. They are a frequent star of our office morning teas and gifts to clients.