AIM committee to honour Frank Marchetti

Leadership and how we interact with people was a key motivator for the late Frank Marchetti, who will be honoured at a special workshop in Mackay on Thursday, July 20.
Marchetti, 54, died while attempting to reach the summit of Mt Everest in April this year.
He was a dedicated, loyal member of the local AIM committee, which has recently been renamed the Institute of Managers and Leaders.
Mackay committee chair Melissa Green said the local members wanted to honour Frank by delivering a workshop which was close to his heart and actively promoted good leadership.
“Frank had been pushing the committee to bring Martin Levey to Mackay to deliver a keynote presentation so it is wonderful that we have been able to secure Martin’s services and present this special event,” she said.
Martin Levey is a senior psychologist with over 30 years’ experience with defence and military operations. He has had extensive exposure to management systems, HR planning and the provision of mental health services and support.
Martin and Frank met on Mt Everest while taking part in an Army Climb and stayed in regular contact.
Martin has seen people and systems at their best, and worst.  He has served in Somalia, Afghanistan and the Antarctic and through his experience, he’s gained a unique insight into human behaviour and how we respond to critical incidents.
“In this workshop, we will be exploring the strengths and limitations of people interacting with workplace systems,” Mrs Green said.
Proceeds from the workshop will go to Frank’s chosen charity, the RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter Service.
Mrs Green said this workshop is for those who want to better understand the drivers of group behaviour and generational differences.
“Martin has been involved in critical incident responses ranging from the Bali bombing to a Himalayan avalanche, and some of the worst military aviation disasters.”
“This is a one-off chance to understand how a crisis and workplace culture can influence behaviour,” she said.
Tickets are now on sale for the event to be held at the Ocean International Hotel on July 20.