Directors' Circle: Michelle Cross, Elders Insurance

If you love a business owner with a bit of spunk and personality, then please let me introduce you to Michelle Cross from Elders Insurance. Not exactly what you might expect from an insurance crew, Michelle and her team are some of the nicest (and cheekiest!) people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I always get inspired by her inspirational take on business.

What’s your favourite part about being a business owner?

Business is exciting and I love leading a team of people to be the best we can all be. I respect that my team will be spending more time with me than possibly anyone else in their life so I want that time to be spent well. I get a huge buzz out of growing the business and learning new skills along the way.

What do you consider the key to success?

Loving what you do is important. Even loving the bad days! I also believe in biting off more than you can chew and then chew like crazy!

What is your top tip for keeping organised?

If you looked at my desk at the moment you wouldn’t think I was very organised! I’m no different to any other working Mum – I am an expert juggler! In my younger years, I was really hard on myself for not being perfect at everything but over the years I am at peace with the fact that is impossible to keep all the balls in the air and that it’s ok to slow down to go faster.   

Explain yourself in one word.


Tell us something about yourself that is not on your LinkedIn profile?

I’m learning moto x. I’m not as fearless as my 12 year old son – actually I’m nowhere near as fearless as him but I’m hoping to be able to throw my CRF150 around half as well as him someday without breaking a bone.

What are your non-work habits that help with your life-work balance?

My husband works in the business with me and we have a rule that we don’t talk work at home. We talk strategy and he shares my excitement but we never talk work. Fridays we all finish work at 3.30pm. I also make sure I have one on one time with each of my family over the weekends. Weekdays are hectic so weekends are sacred for reconnecting. That involves music, dancing in the kitchen and baking with my daughter on a Sunday, watching my son ride his scooter or show me the latest tricks on his motorbike (when he isn’t grounded!) and enjoying a great red wine, holding hands with my gorgeous husband on the lounge, watching our Netflix series when the kids are in bed.

Give a shout out to three local businesses.

Oh no!  3 is too tricky but this week I am grateful for the following businesses in my life:

BOQ Mackay City – Melissa Green is a business owner I admire and I love catching up with her. She knows her stuff, is real and I enjoy her company.

In-Cogneato Hair Artistry – Alyson is sooo fantastic at her craft and she feeds me. I seem to go there when I haven’t had lunch that day so the wine, cheese and biscuits are always welcome!

Defined Business Matters – Collett’s bookkeeping business has made my life so easy.  Collett has streamlined our bookkeeping processes like never before.