Taking the first step on the career path – at 45

by Dale Cramer, Elders Insurance Mackay

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought to yourself that you need a change? I’m certain that we all have and at the age of 45, I never thought that I’d find a career – instead of just a job – after being in the workforce for over 25 years, but I did.

I think that I’m a customer service expert – it’s been the main focus of every single job I’ve ever held. When I was offered an amazing opportunity to work in the insurance industry with Elders, I was very apprehensive as this was an area that I had never, ever considered before. I know I can be a quick learner but being over 40 and stepping into a brand new industry – how would I go? After careful consideration, I decided to grab the opportunity with both hands and run with it. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

There have been so many times where I have thought to myself; “What am I doing? Have I made the right decision?”. I didn’t just have to learn about a new “job” as it were, I had to complete study to become qualified as an insurance advisor. Having not studied for 28 years (and not doing it very well when I did), I thought that I must be crazy – maybe I was?

However, with the amazing support of everyone at work and my hubby and son at home, I managed to complete my qualifications in just over 6 months – and am now ready to take on the insurance world!

I believe that I’m in a position of privilege because I’m helping people protect some of the most valuable items that they will own and when someone trusts you and your product, that is what makes me love what I do.

Don’t settle for a bland work life – the only person holding you back from doing what you truly want to do, is you. Embrace change and get excited at the prospect of new things. I did, and I’m never looking back!