Traditional vs Digital Media

by Alanna Brake, Rebel Marketing

Media is the main means of mass communication. Put simply, it’s broadcasting or publishing a message about your awesome service or products to the world.

Traditionally, that looks like a radio ad or interview, a newspaper clipping, a plug on the telly or even a letterbox drop. But, with the prevalent takeover of social media and digital platforms, an abundance of marketing channels has opened up communication between you and your target market. Social media platforms allow for you to present as your brand to your clients and target messaging directly to them, video uploading means you don’t need to pay more money for prime-time spots during The Bachelor, plus SEO and SEM means you might be easier to find than ever.

But the big question is… which one is better?

The answer is: both. Both traditional and digital marketing are valuable is their own ways. Deciding which to use largely depends on your ideal target market and your message.

Deciding which is right for you

Deciding on a marketing channel is not a one size fits all, and you will need to test the waters to work out what is right for your business and clients. Also, only using one type is not an option – don’t slack off just yet.

You need start at the beginning and ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Who is my ideal client? (Who do you love working with? Who spends the most? Who stays with you the longest? Who do you wish you had?)

  • What is my message for them? (Amazing sale, super-fast service, specialise in what you want)

  • Where do they typically spend their time/what do they enjoy doing? (Reading the newspaper, always on social media, religiously watching The Bachelor)

  • What is my budget? (How much is a client worth to your business – either attracting new and/or working more with your current client base?)

Once you have answered those questions, you should have a clearer picture of whether traditional or digital media will work best for you – or a mix of both. The joy of marketing is that there is no silver bullet. Find where you audience is and speak to them there – and make sure you’re hitting them up in a few places, so they don’t forget you.