Bring your awareness to the centre


Sometimes life in front of a computer can get a little stressful, so we asked Rosie from Avatar Country Day Spa for her advice on how to refocus and gain clarity when life is just a little too busy.

 Allow your mind not to judge what is good and what is bad. Instead stay in the centre of your mind, where you can just accept yourself momentarily. By doing so, you can create a well-balanced lifestyle and be present with your decision making - observing how powerful this can be when you are simply being yourself instead of judging yourself.

Simply close your eyes for five minutes, sitting in an upright position where your spine is erect, shoulders must be relaxed and chin slightly tilted so you can let the air pass through your nose with awareness. Bring your attention to the centre of your eyebrows and stay there.

Your inhalation and exhalation must be rhythmic, so count to four on each breath. You can combine this with diaphragm breathing to allow the life force to penetrate into your core. When you inhale through your mouth, your chest will raise slightly as your diaphragm expands. Then exhaling through your nose, your stomach will shrink back to normal size and your chest will slowly drop whilst shoulders remain relaxed. Combine this breathing with the om chanting quietly if you want to maximise the experience.

When practiced correctly, your mind will gain clarity, your body will feel rejuvenated and the cells in your body are oxygenated, but most of all you are present and fully aware of your centredness.

Practice this daily until it is programmed in your mind and do it naturally without thinking about it and receive your blessing from above with total gratitude.