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How to spot common scams that businesses get targeted for

Scam emails are one of those ongoing battles in the running of every business. Obviously scams in general are pretty crappy – people making money off someone by tricking them, stealing what they don’t deserve by betting they can bamboozle the other person. While there are a range of business-specific scams that can occur, below are the email ones that we believe are the most common – and some hints on how to combat the charlatans.

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What I learned from buying a 21 year old business, at 35

We’ve just reached a pretty exciting milestone at Rebel Nation – the business is now paid off. When Kylie first contacted me to see if I was interested in buying Out of the Blue Marketing, Mackay’s oldest marketing agency, I knew I wanted to do it before we even discussed details. 18 months later, and I feel like I’ve learnt more about business in that time than I could ever have imagined. I had no idea what was waiting for me, which is probably a good thing, because it has tested me in so many ways.

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Wild Oats #110

When I did my degree, social media was not a thing. I was an early adopter for Facebook, but that was just personal curiosity. As my career progressed, so did social networking and, thanks to a forward-thinking boss, I was given the opportunity to set up a Facebook page for the business I worked for - I could not have been more excited, and my love for Facebook marketing began.

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Wild Oats #109

Reputation is such a funny beast. I've had approximately 3 million meetings this week, and we've signed up what feels like the same in new business. It's been a full on week and I'm super grateful that everything is flowing in - but holy dooley, is cashflow a major freaking pain right now. Between the Christmas break and the time/money spent on our rebrand, money has been tight and to be brutally honest, no matter what people tell me or how much work we sign - not having that cash buffer built yet makes me feel like a failure.

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Traditional vs Digital Media

Media is the main means of mass communication. Put simply, it’s broadcasting or publishing a message about your awesome service or products to the world.

Traditionally, that looks like a radio ad or interview, a newspaper clipping, a plug on the telly or even a letterbox drop. But, with the prevalent takeover of social media and digital platforms, an abundance of marketing channels has opened up communication between you and your target market.

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Facebook finale? Or the wake up call we all needed?

I had a client last week tell me they probably won’t need a Facebook page for their business because of this, and sure if you’re staying away from Facebook to make some sort of point or because of your ideological standing then that’s your decision, but if you’re doing it because you think Facebook will collapse after this scandal, then I think you’re being short sighted.

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