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Falling in love, again

When I did my degree, social media was not a thing. I was an early adopter for Facebook, but that was just personal curiosity. As my career progressed, so did social networking and, thanks to a forward-thinking boss, I was given the opportunity to set up a Facebook page for the business I worked for - I could not have been more excited, and my love for Facebook marketing began.

A trait I used to have was that whenever I encountered a new piece of technology, I would play with every little bit of it - go through every option in every setting, tweak and upgrade every little thing I could find - basically just learn about it and fully customise everything possible to my preferences. Computers, phones, software, social media - the works. I'd say a couple of years ago, this trait started to drop off - I didn't have the time, or patience, to play with tech anymore. It was changing so rapidly and I had so many competing priorities - playing was just not important.

And so, confession time - I started to really hate Facebook last year. I still loved teaching others how they could use it, and enjoyed coming up with ideas and strategies for other people - but I truly hated having to do anything for our page. It was a chore, it was never-ending, it was... boring. I don't like boring, I actively disengage when anything boring appears (bad habit, must get past that).

I'm thinking it must have been the rebrand, but something has switched for me - and now, I'm the one running our FB and Insta pages, and really enjoying it. If I could just sit on social all day and play with new functions, read blogs and try out different ideas - I would be a happy chappy. That's never going to happen, but I am so freaking grateful that my spark for social has returned - and I don't have to force myself to post, I just do it because it's fun. 

You may have noticed that different style and tone on our FB page, and if it gets a little loose - you can be sure that's a post or comment from me. I've been hot and cold with Insta, I hate that I can't take good photos so it makes me a bit sooky-la-la to post anything - because it won't be "good" enough. Which is why I'm writing this now - I'm asking you to help me push past my sookiness by going over and following our Insta page (@rebelnationmarketing). When I see that follower count go up, I'm going to get the guilts on and put my butt back into gear. Feel free to message me if you don't see any activity - sometimes my butt takes a little while to get into gear ;)

Have a fun as Friday - Jade
Swish new website for CBG Partners - Independent Business Partners who work together with their clients to reach the success that is important to them.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own."


Benjamin Disraeli

Training awards open

Think your internal training systems are pretty crash hot? Got an apprentice that is going beyond all your expectations? Nominate your business in the Queensland Training Awards and get recognised for your PD efforts, while potentially generating some statewide PR along the way!

Nominate today >>

150 Chambers unite

Our Chamber Pres Victoria Gracie headed to the Regional Chambers Summit, and managed to get us signed up to a crusade! Ok, that's slightly exaggerating but there are some big issues facing businesses across the board and we can have a bigger voice on those issues when we stand together.

Read about it here >>

Free CRM just got better (if that's even possible)

MailChimp's Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a great tool to help you build better relationships with your ideal customers. Put your data to work so that you can gain more work, from the clients you love to deal with - and who love to deal with you.

Instant asset write off thingo extended

Some good news! That scheme that allows businesses with less than $10 million in turnover to write-off a purchased asset worth less than $20,000 in their tax return for that year, has been extended. It will now run through to June 30, 2020 and will also be extended to cover assets up to $25,000. Noice!
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