we’re hiring

Marketing Mixologist



Rebel Nation has a new position available for a Marketing Mixologist – someone who has that special balance of both analytical and creative abilities needed to develop solid, strategic marketing solutions that are inventive and 100% brand-aligned.

If we occasionally veer off into a bunch of wanky jargon, our apologies – we’re in marketing, we can’t help it. Read more about us here – it’s a delightful story.

Skills/Experience we're looking for (preferably in the one person):

   Marketing strategy (overarching plans, campaigns, social strategies etc)
   Copywriting and content marketing
   Digital marketing (eg socials, Google Ads, SEO)
   Analytics and reporting
   Client and project management
   Deadline and time management

You know, the basics. One of the most important things will be a good team fit. That’s not something you can put into a resume, but just letting you know – we love our team dynamic so we’ll be looking for someone who enjoys a bit of crazy, and a lot of work.

We’re looking for either a senior person who’s got everything under their belt and is ready to jump in, or a junior who has started on their marketing career path and is keen to learn as much as possible.

Some cool stuff we offer:

   Monthly long weekend (ie RDO every month)
   Monthly free massage (not from us - weird - we have a professional we work with)
   Lots of learning and growth opportunities

Job Overview:

   Full time hours, Monday to Friday
   Based in Mackay CBDish (we’re just outside the main centre – easier parking but super close to everything still)
   Applications will need your cover letter and resume, portfolios are optional (we know that marketing can be difficult to put into a portfolio, but if you’d like to share samples of your work – go for it)

Please send applications to Jade by 5pm FRIDAY, 28 June.