Marketing, design and digital solutions

…without the BS


We’re going to put this bluntly…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational or a #solopreneur… we don’t buffer our quotes for big business and we don't bleed start-ups dry. Rebel Nation’s only agenda is to create and design custom marketing solutions to attract your ideal customers to your business. From there, we expect you to do the rest by doing what you do extremely well – and living up to the reputation that we have helped you to create. We’ll line them up, you knock their socks off.

To our friends in government, that goes for you too – we’re all about value, not about padding prices to fund our next staff party. We’ll take the time to get our head around what you offer, what your directives are and making sure that we tick the boxes that you need checked off.



it’s not a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle choice


Who are you?

A. You know exactly what you want for your business and have incredible marketing ideas that you know will work - you just don’t have the resources to make them happen.

B. You’re not sure what direction you need for your marketing, but you’re damn well excited to hand over the reins and let our team guide you.

C. You’re a tired and confused admin assistant who was asked to get a quote for some marketing and you’re still not really sure what that means. 

Whichever “you” you are, Rebel Nation are here to help make your marketing a cinch.


A few of our favourite things:

   Marketing audits, plans and timelines
   Market research
   Marketing campaigns
   Marketing management
   Mark Wahlberg

A few of our favourite clients:


Brand Development + Design

A brand is like a mug of coffee

strong, addictive and hot


Has your business been using the same logo since Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister?

We offer rebranding services to help refresh or rebuild your business profile.

Starting a start-up and not sure how to start your start-up marketing’s… ummm… brand?

We can create effective launch campaigns to propel you, confidently, into the business world.

Want to build a unique brand larger than a peak-season mango?

We develop strategies and campaigns to attract your dream customers.


A few of our favourite things:

   Logos and corporate branding
   Corporate documents
   Brochure design
   Tequila shots
   Business cards
   DLs and posters
   Product branding

A few of our favourite clients:


Digital + Social Marketing

Selfies are so in this season


At Rebel Nation, we’re #obsessed with keeping up with the #latest, #cuttingedge #digitalmarketing #trends – but we also have the #knowledge and #experience to cut through the #hype and determine what’s #right for your #business.

Websites to rock your online world

Your website is just as important to your customers as your physical store front - if you don’t have a website, do you even exist? #existentialcrisis

Top 5 reasons why a website is #athingrightnow

1 > Websites create credibility for your brand (see aforementioned #existentialcrisis note).

2 > You can easily keep your customers up to date wtih your latest products and services.

3 > More people are buying online than ever before, so why not take your piece of that trillion-dollar pie?

4 > If you create a blog (and it's really good) you create deeper connections with your customers, which helps to close more sales and bring in more revenue.

5 > You can use the statistics to understand more about your customers - which can help with a whole stack of marketing stuff.


A few of our favourite things:

   Social media strategies
   Social media content and branding
   Social media calendars and plans
   Social media advertising
   Social media stalking
   Blogs and online content
   Digital marketing

A few of our favourite clients:


Advertising + Media

Honestly, this stuff legit works


The world may be online, but traditional advertising and media has some serious pull. We certainly rate it! We’ll help you create that standout campaign that’ll make your customers lean in close and turn up the dial.

We’re also #mediatarts who thrive on creating PR and media campaigns that speak to multiple audiences.


A few of our favourite things:

   TV campaigns
   Radio campaigns
   Newspaper advertorials
   Magazine advertising
   Magazine advertorials
   Outdoor digital advertising
   Netflix and chill
   PR campaigns
   Media campaigns
   Media releases

A few of our favourite clients:



Words are, like, powerful

Copywriting is all about tapping into the needs and desires of your client and knowing exactly what to say to instantly engage with them and make them fall in love with your brand.

We're like the marketing version of online dating match makers. At Rebel Nation, we create obsessive raving fans for your business who will swipe right on everything you do.

A few of our favourite things:

   Online content
   Corporate documents
   Advertising materials
   Human contact

A few of our favourite clients:

Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.
— Joe Chernov